Manifesto launched by leading trans groups urging political parties to push for equality

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A manifesto has been launched by a number of leading trans groups to push for trans equality in the General Election manifestos of UK political parties.

The manifesto asks political parties to review the Gender Recognition Act, and encourages positive portrayals of trans people in government publications.

Paul Roberts, LGBT Consortium Chief Executive, said: “Now is the time to raise trans rights as a cross party political issue which needs government support. LGBT Consortium has been really pleased to be able to facilitate this unprecedented step.

“The low cost of these proposals, combined with the highly positive impact they will have on many peoples’ lives, makes this a really exciting initiative to be involved with.”

Helen Belcher, a director of Trans Media Watch and one of the drivers behind the initiative, said: “These policies build on three core statements which we would encourage all politicians to commit to.”

Belcher continues: “The huge level of support for this within the trans communities, and society’s growing understanding of the issues that face trans people, mean that we should expect continuing improvements in the way that trans people are treated. My discussions with MPs and peers from all parties indicate there is support for this innovative approach.”