South and North Carolina gay rights groups join up in same-sex marriage effort

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In an effort to legalise same-sex marriage in much of the Southeast of the US, North and South Carolina activists have joined forces.

SC Equality and Equality NC on Friday together signed an amicus brief with the US Court of Appeals, pushing for same-sex marriage in a case brought by a same-sex couple in the state of Virginia.

The brief agrees with the lawsuit filed in the Fourth Circuit court that the state’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional.

The appeals court has set a May date to hear appeals against a judge’s decision to strike down a ban on same-sex marriage.

Judge Arenda Wright Allen struck down a law banning same-sex marriage in the state last month, but delayed enforcement of the ruling while it is appealed.

It is likely that the case will eventually go to the Supreme Court.

Virginia is one of four states where rulings striking down same-sex marriage are pending appeal, alongside UtahOklahoma, and Texas.