France: Car service driver sacked for saying ‘I don’t pick up gays’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A driver in a French car hire service who refused service to two gay men has been suspended.

On Saturday evening, two men ordered a car from sharing-service Uber, but when the car arrived, the driver asked them a few questions before realising they were gay and allegedly telling them “I don’t take gays”.

According to one of the men, the driver drove off after realising the pair had come from a gay club.

The same driver turned up when the men requested another car from Uber, but the second time they were able to take a picture of his number plate.

On taking the photographs, the men said the driver threatened to smash the phone, reports the Local.

One of the two men took to Twitter to inform Uber that the incident had taken place.

Uber tweeted back to say the behaviour of the driver did not represent what the company stood for, and that the driver had been suspended.

Later Uber again tweeted to say that the driver would be sacked.

A bus driver in northern France was last month sacked after he doused a teenage lesbian couple with a bottle of water after they shared a kiss in front of him.