US actress Laverne Cox set to produce and star in documentary about trans teenagers

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Laverne Cox, an African American transgender actress, will produce and take part in an hour long film about transgender youths which is set to air this autumn.

Cox, most famous for her role on web TV series “Orange is the New Black”, will play a key role in the documentary which focuses on the struggles of four young transgender people, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Titled “Trans Teen” the documentary will share the experiences of those involved, discussing how they fought against transphobia as well as problems faced within their families.

Those taking part in the film are aged from 14 to 24 and are from a variety of different backgrounds.

Filmmakers are also expected to investigate medical issues faced by the individuals.

Recently honoured by GLAAD for her exceptional advocacy on behalf of the transgender community, Ms Cox said: “I am an African American transgender woman from a working-class background raised by a single mother. We are not programmed to think we should be receiving these awards, but I’d like to think that this changes things”.

However, the actress was recently snubbed by TIME’s 100 “Most Influential People” list, despite placing fifth in magazine’s readers’ poll.