Exclusive: Tory MP complains that ‘trendy intellectuals’ voted for ‘transvestite’ to win Eurovision

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Tory MP Gordon Henderson has posted a rant about Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst, claiming that “trendy intellectuals” voted for a “transvestite” to win.

Drag artist Conchita Wurst, played by Tom Neuwirth, was crowned the winner of yesterday’s contest, winning 290 points despite causing controversy in Eastern Europe.

The Sittingbourne and Sheppey MP wrote on his Facebook page: “Some questions about tonight’s Eurovision Song Contest.

“How can a bearded man with a rubbish song from a ‘second divison’ EU country dressed as a woman win?”

“Why is it that the UK with the best pop industry in the World always do so badly? Does anybody care?”

Exclusive: Tory MP complains that ‘trendy intellectuals’ voted for ‘transvestite’ to win Eurovision

Responding to bemused reactions from constituents, he continued: “I was simply asking for opinions as to whether the votes won by Austri (sic) were because the song was the best one on the night (…) or was it because trendy intellectuals across Europe thought it would be cool to vote for a transvestite?

“It was after all the Eurovision Song Contest, not the Eurovision life style contest!”

One constituent wrote: “Might be wise to consider the opinions of the future of politics before you post things like this Gordon.

“Equality is the future, so it may be time to start embracing that. Surely it would be more beneficial to praise success and bravery?”

The MP today told Pink News: “I only asked the questions to stimulate a debate; I did not answer them”

Referring to Pink News calling the performer Conchita Wurst, he claimed: “Actually, it was Thomas Neuwirth!”

He continued: “In a Eurovision Song Contest it should all be about voting for the best song.

“I simply asked the question whether this was the case on this occasion, or whether the vote was influenced by the singer’s appearance.

“My own view is that it doesn’t matter a jot about the gender of a competitor, what they wear or whether they are gay, bisexual, transexual or transvestite.

“I would have posed the same question if the winner had been a straight guy who happened to be dressed as monster – as has happened in the past!”

Henderson previously quit Twitter, saying it was “simply impossible” to hold a meaningful debate, after opposing same-sex marriage.