Bryan Singer: I’m quite bisexual but saying I’m gay is an easy answer

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X-Men director Bryan Singer has revealed that he is actually bisexual, but prefers to identify as gay because it’s a “one-syllable, easy answer”.

The director was speaking in Out magazine, in an interview conducted before his self-imposed media blackout over ongoing sexual abuse lawsuits.

He told the magazine: “I came out by osmosis. I’m quite bisexual.

“In the last five years, I’ve had two girlfriends – one for two years, one for eight months.

“In the end, it’s probably going to be a guy. I emotionally lean towards male relationships, so I’m happy to say I’m gay, too, if it’s a one-syllable, easy answer.

“If you look at the Kinsey Report, human sexuality is so complex.

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“And the reason I’ve never talked about it to the press — until now — is because sexuality is so complex. To have a real conversation about it, you really want to have the person you’re talking to in front of you.

“I’ve never felt the need to be declarative [about my sexuality]. My sexuality is not what is tearing me up inside.”

The director is currently the subject of two sex abuse lawsuits filed on behalf of two separate men by lawyer Jeff Herman.

Singer has described them as a “sick, twisted shakedown” and “completely false”, and pointed to several inconsistencies in them.

According to Singer’s lawyer, the first lawsuit revolves around ‘sex parties’ in Hawaii and California, at a time when Singer was in Toronto filming the first X-Men movie.

The second lawsuit alleges Singer violated the age of consent by having sex with an anonymous 17-year-old in London.

His lawyer pointed out: “The legal age of consent in the United Kingdom is 16.

“Even assuming the outrageous allegations against our client in your ‘John Doe No. 117’ complaint were true – which they are not – they do not state any legal claim involving sex with someone under the age of consent.”

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