Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst honoured with sausage portrait

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The winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Conchita Wurst, has inspired a butcher near her family home to create a sausage in her honour.

The butcher Joe Aichinger, 38, created the sausage featuring the singer’s portrait as a tribute to Wurst who won Eurovision last week.

He said the sausage was “extra spicy, just like she is,” and said it was selling well.

His shop is near her family home in Bad Mitterndorf, southern Austria, where she paid a special visit, got into a uniform and helped to sell the sausage to locals.

On the honour, Wurst said: “It looks good, but I never imagined it would be so big.”

She continued: “Wurst is after all my name, it’s from the German expression it’s all sausage, which means I don’t care. It’s all sausage after all if I am man, or a woman.”

According to reports, village priest Michael Unger was also a fan of the sausage. He said: “I am proud that she stands true to herself.”

The Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst will appear on tonight’s Graham Norton Show.

Her victory was met with outrage by several homophobic Russian politicians.

The president of Russia’s state-run rail corporation accused the West of imposing “pure propaganda” following Wurst’s victory.