Gay UKIP MEP: ‘Neo-right activists are responsible for gay marriage’

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UKIP’s newly elected MEP for Scotland David Coburn claims same-sex marriage is the product of “neo-right” activists.

Mr Coburn made the comments in a series of tweets this afternoon.

It was after a Twitter user asked Mr Coburn why his party had refused to sign ILGA-Europe’s pledge on LGBT rights.

He did not answer the question but simply retweeted the remark, along with PinkNews’ original story.

Mr Coburn then claimed same-sex marriage was the product of “neo-right” activists.

He tweeted: “it isn’t about gay rights, it’s about control.”

Followed by:

And then finally:

At the start of the week, Mr Coburn claimed same-sex marriage “breeds homophobia” and that civil partnerships “should be enough”.

Mr Coburn, who is gay and has been in a same-sex relationship for more than 30 years, was elected last Sunday as his party’s first MEP in Scotland.

PinkNews contacted Mr Coburn on Tuesday requesting an interview. He has yet to provide a response.