Can you guess the difference between Iran’s Modern Family remake and the original?

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Iranians unknowingly love gay-inclusive US comedy series Modern Family.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting TV channel has rewritten US sitcom Modern Family without gay dads Mitch and Cam, whose plot line has been replaced with that of a straight couple.

The network’s new show Haft Sang is a near scene-for-scene remake of Modern Family, but with some character’s genders changed in some circumstances to avoid pre-marital mixing of men and women.

Haft Sang translates to ‘Seven Stones’, a traditional ball game in the Middle East and Asia where two teams compete to build or destroy a pile of stones.

Fans of the US sitcom, who illegally download American shows to get around Iranian state censorship, discovered the similarity between Modern Family and Haft Sang.

One of these fans put together a comparison video to show how blatantly Haft Sang duplicates Modern Family.

Watch a clip below: