US: Conspiracy theorists actually think Michelle Obama is transgender after Joan Rivers joke

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Conspiracy theorists now actually believe that First Lady Michelle Obama is transgender, after Joan Rivers made a joke.

Rivers said last week: “You know Michelle is a tranny… She’s a transgender, we all know.”

Bucking calls to apologise, Rivers later said: “I think it’s a compliment. She’s so attractive, tall, with a beautiful body, great face, does great makeup… the most gorgeous women are transgender.”

However, conspiracy theorists from website Info Wars have taken Rivers’ comments seriously, and now seem convinced that Michelle Obama is a trans woman.

Alex Jones of Info Wars said: “Joan Rivers talked about it the other day, and now it’s an international news story.

“The question is, ‘Who is Michelle Obama? Is she really a woman? Is she a man? Now, I’m not drawing any conclusions here. but I know this — it’s fair to question anything and everything this administration says.

“These people are the authors of such tyranny that they shouldn’t whine and complain when the public doesn’t believe anything they’re saying — especially when every time I look at Michelle or Michael Obama – the First Lady, or the First Tranny – something doesn’t look right.

“She doesn’t look like any black woman I’ve ever known. She’s got shoulders that are wider than a man’s, which physiologically doesn’t happen.

“You can put three heads on a man’s shoulders, and two heads on a woman’s shoulders — that’s a known anatomy. You look at her arms when she’s standing straight on, she looks like no woman I’ve ever seen.”

Former Infowars contributor David Ortiz previously claimed that sexual freedom will lead to allowing men to jerk off at bus stops, “as long as he’s not groaning, as long as he cleans up after himself”.

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