Conspiracy theorist claims Michelle Obama is transgender and we’re so very, very tired

Alex Jones (L) thinks Michelle Obama is trans and we are so very tired. (Getty Images)

Notable far-right conspiracy theorist and Infowars host Alex Jones has claimed he has evidence that Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the United States, is trans.

Many consider Jones to be anti-trans despite previously having transgender porn open on his phone. 

Jones released a 12-minute clip which analyses photos and videos of the Obamas. He points to her “very wide shoulders” and her “very masculine” face as significant proof of his theory.

He also explains that former president Obama would often refer to his wife as “Michael” on-camera, a slip-up that apparently shows that she was previously a man who’d since changed her name and “dressed up” as a woman. 

People pointed out though that the clips where former president Obama said “Michael” could have referred to anyone, and there is no way of knowing who was being discussed at the time. 

The video starts with Jones reading out a story which concerned a “racist” cartoon about the “masculine” Michelle Obama being compared to “pageant-ready Melania Trump”. He says: “This is a funny cartoon. It’s not racist to say she looks like a man.” 

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Black women have often been targeted with comments about masculinity, which are considered to be racist and discriminatory. 

‘That dude looks like a lady, lady looks like a dude,’ Jones sings about Michelle Obama.

Jones begins his tirade by stating: “We’ve had doctors on about this. She definitely looks like a man. She always has this pooch, like she’s wearing a codpiece or has genitalia.” 

Every person, whether they are cisgender or transgender, has genitalia, but apparently those “doctors” never mentioned that on Infowars. 

Very convincingly, Jones tells his audience: “I’m sorry, it’s true. It’s a giant viral video phenomenon for like eight years that she’s a man. All I know is, Obama was raised by a tr***y in Indonesia. They’re into all sorts of stuff.” 

The video also implies that famous comedian Joan Rivers was murdered by the Obamas in order to cover this up. 

“I think it’s all an arranged marriage, it’s all fake. It’s all just a big sick joke because [Barack] is obsessed with transgender [sic]. It’s like some weird cult or something.” 

Jones and his supporters have often peddled conspiracy theories, not only about the Obama family, but also about widely-reported terrorist attacks such as the Sandy Hook shooting and the Oklahoma bombing, which were flagged as “false-flag attacks.”

Jones is also a proponent of the ‘Birther’ conspiracy, which refers to a commonly-discussed theory that suggest Barack Obama was not born in the United States, despite his birth certificate proving that he was born at a hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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