Italy: Second largest bank recognises same-sex marriages with equal leave

The second largest bank in Italy has gone against the country’s current non-recognition of same-sex marriage, to offer marital leave to same-sex couples so they can wed.

The bank, Intesa Sanpaolo signed a union agreement on Thursday, which allows the benefit to be extended to gay and lesbian couples. Couples who wed in countries where same-sex marriage is legal will be entitled to claim the benefit.

According to La Stampa, the agreement specifically refers to “a civil or religious marriage, celebrated in Italy or abroad, even if it is not recognized by the Italian system.”

“The importance of the agreement serves to reinforce the group’s commitment to politics of non-discrimination and equal opportunity” and to “respect diversity”, Intesa Sanpaolo said in a statement.

The decision has been hailed by bankers’ unions ,and LGBT rights campaigners.