US: Bakery refuses to provide cake for lesbian vow renewal

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A bakery in the US state of Pennsylvania has refused to serve a lesbian couple for a cake to celebrate the renewal of her vows.

The owners of Cake Pros in Schuylkill Haven, said they consulted Jesus “for two weeks” before deciding it went against their religious beliefs to provide a cake for the wedding.

Jennifer and Bethany Petrick told Eyewitness News that they had wanted to use the bakery because they wanted to support their hometown.

“My mom, who is planning our wedding, called and made the appointment for us,” Jennifer said. “It was okay at that time and and she was open and honest and said it’s for Bethany and Jennifer.”

“They had called and said to her they were a christian bakery and the owner talked to Jesus for two weeks,” Jennifer said. “And that because it was two females getting married she couldn’t bake our cake.”

Lorraine Fleming, the store’s owner said employees had been harassed since a Facebook post of the incident had gained support.

“I’m sorry for the damage that has been done as far as hurt feelings,” Fleming said.

“I’m not sorry for my decision and I feel strong,” she said. “I know that I’m doing the right thing.”