Watch: George Takei talks falling in love with partner Brad Altman

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Activist and actor George Takei opened up to Oprah about how his love story with husband Brad Altman all started.

Though publicly in the closet until 2005, Takei was privately active in LGBT organisations as early as the 1980s.

It was at one of those organisations, a gay runners club called LA Frontrunners, where Takei met Altman.

In the Oprah: Where Are They Now? clip, Takei says: “He was the best runner in the club. And also great-looking.

“So I went up to him and I asked him to train me for my first marathon.”

The two became partners shortly thereafter, but kept their relationship a secret for 18 years until Takei’s public coming out.

Three years later, in 2008, the couple married.

Recently, Takei released a video commemorating the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Takei recently said he was shocked that comic character Archie will be shot while saving his gay friend Kevin Keller.

Watch the clip below: