US: Oklahoma’s same-sex marriage ban is costing state over $20 million in revenue

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A recent study has estimated Oklahoma’s same-sex marriage ban could be costing the state over $20 million (£12,062,300).

The UCLA Williams Institute found that over 3,000 same-sex couples would marry in state within the first three years of legalisation.

The influx would create over 200 jobs and generate nearly $20 million (£12,062,300) in revenue.

The institute used Census data to calculate the number of same-sex couples in the state, and estimated the number of same-sex marriages that would take place based on the precedent set in Massachusetts after three years.

The institute then used market research to estimate the amount each couple would be expected to spend.

Troy Sevenson of Freedom Oklahoma told News 9: “This isn’t just an issue of social justice, that’s an important part, but it’s also an issue of what’s best for the state, what’s best for business.”

When News 9 sent the study to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin’s office, her statement in response read: “Gay marriage is illegal in Oklahoma because Oklahoma voters chose to make it so through a Constitutional amendment.”

In July, a federal appeals court ruled Oklahoma’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

An appeal on that ruling is currently pending in the US Supreme Court.