US: Human Rights Campaign fires back at anti-gay group head who branded them ‘imperialists’

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The Human Rights Campaign has launched an attack on NOM President Brian Brown, after he branded them “imperialists” who “export” same-sex marriage.

Mr Brown, the head of the National Organisation for Marriage, made the comments earlier this week in a column for the Washington Times.

He claimed: “The Human Rights Campaign… is a key part of a network of organizations that have spent hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide attacking traditional faith communities, states and individuals who stand for the truth about marriage and family.

“They are in the phalanx of a new form of cultural imperialism that seeks to overthrow the traditions, wisdom and reason of cultures and faiths around the world.”

He added that the HRC’s goal is “exporting the redefinition of marriage from a handful of mostly Western countries to the rest of the world”.

The Human Rights Campaign countered the column in a blog post titled “Sorry We’re Not Sorry, Brian Brown”.

They wrote: “Brian Brown and NOM have tried – and failed—to block the national momentum for marriage equality.

“After losing the fight at nearly every turn, NOM is now taken its mission abroad, and has targeted HRC and other pro-equality groups in the process.

“Brian Brown is one of many Americans taking the mission of anti-LGBT hate and bigotry abroad. It’s time for American extremists like Brown to be called out for their actions.

“It is unacceptable to fight against the freedom and liberty of LGBT people worldwide.

“Sorry we’re not sorry, Brian Brown. It is time for you, and other exporters of hate, to end the spread of bigotry and lies.”

Mr Brown recently attended an anti-gay conference in Russia which passed a resolution aiming to introduce ‘gay propaganda’ laws across the world.