WATCH: Tyra Banks puts homophobic ‘Next Top Model’ contestant in his place

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Have you ever wanted to see Tyra Banks put a homophobe in their place on television? Well look no further.

Banks, in hosting ‘America’s Next Top Model’, was having none of comments made by former American football player Denzel Wells about out contestant Will Jardell.

Earlier in the show, Wells stated that he didn’t have a problem with gay people, but he didn’t want to have to go home and explain that he lost the competition to an openly gay man, particularly since Jardell occasionally wore high heels on the programme.

“There was a comment said at the house that someone would have to go home and explain that a man in heels beat them in the competition, so I decided to wear heels today,” Jardell tells Banks, and the panel.

When Wells tells the panel that he didn’t “want Will to think I’m bashing him for being gay or that I’m ashamed of him,” Banks asserts: “Yes, you are … you care because you said it.

“This is an industry that is predominately female. So when you step into an industry that is predominately a certain sex, you get the stereotype that you are gay.

“Be proud of this industry, and every single male model — gay, straight, heels, corsets, who gives a fuck?”

“I want to take you back 50 years and imagine you overheard Will say, ‘I hope that Denzel guy doesn’t win. Because if that black guy wins, my friends at home are going to say I’m his bitch,'” she continues.

Wells is unable to respond to the put-down.