US: Arizona wedding planner rejects lesbian couple

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A wedding planner in Arizona has refused to provide their services to a lesbian couple.

The move comes just a month after same-sex marriage became law in the state, after a judge ruled that the state’s marriage ban was unconstitutional.

Phoenix couple Crystal Allen and Kenyata White were setting plans in place for their December wedding when they contacted wedding planner Susan Latimer of AffordableWeddingMinister.

However, the couple were shocked to find that they had been rejected by the company – because they are lesbians.

Latimer told the couple: “We are very uncomfortable with same-sex marriage as it is directly against our beliefs. We would not be a very good fit.”

The couple have no legal recourse, as Phoenix’s non-discrimination ordinance includes an exemption for religious freedom – even though Latimer’s website clearly offers “religious and non religious ceremony choices”.

Incredibly, Latimer claims that she was victimised in the incident, telling the Arizona Republic: “No matter what I say to you I believe it will be twisted by the media,.

By the stroke of one federal judge’s pen we are being dictated what the state says moral law should be. This goes directly against God’s laws and 80% of Arizona voters in 2008.”

“There is a war on those who believe in Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

“Why is my freedom being taken away? I feel same-sex marriage is wrong and have every right to have feelings just like they do.

“I wouldn’t want someone who is opposed to the way I live my life involved in my marriage ceremony in any way.”