US: Christian homeless shelter refuses married gay couples because they are ‘inappropriate’

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A privately owned Christian homeless shelter in Missouri has announced it will not provide food or shelter to married same-sex couples due to “biblical standards.”

The Kansas City Union Mission told the City Star they wanted to make a statement on the legalisation of equal marriage across the States.

Executive director Dan Doty said: “I knew this day would come, especially when the media would begin asking that question.

“I truly hope you understand the can of worms this could open.

“…We are a Christian, faith-based organization that really does adhere to biblical standards.

“Our view is that it (same-sex marriage) is inappropriate. Our intent is not to shelter same-sex couples together.”

However, he added: “We do shelter men who are gay, and lesbian women, and transgender people,
although if their birth gender is male, we require them to dress that way if they are in our men’s shelter.”

Earlier this month, a court struck down the remaining parts of Missouri’s ban on same-sex marriage, which could allow weddings to start imminently.