Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘honoured’ to have anti-discrimination bill named after him

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he is ‘honoured’ to have an Alabama bill which would outlaw anti-gay employment discrimination named after him.

Alabama state congresswoman Patricia Todd – who is a lesbian – announced her plans last month to name the bill in honour of Mr Cook, after he became the first out CEO of a top 100 company.

However, Mr Cook had avoided commenting on the move until now – when he stepped in to dismiss claims that he was not in favour of the name.

An Apple spokesperson said: “Tim was honoured to hear that State Rep. Todd wanted to name an anti-discrimination bill after him, and we’re sorry if there was any miscommunication about it.

“We have a long history of support for LGBT rights and we hope every state will embrace workplace equality for all.”

Ms Todd says she has since been in touch with Mr Cook’s office – and hopes he will even come down and speak for the bill personally.

She told Reuters: “We have extended the invitation to him, but he is a busy man and of course Apple comes first,. I hope he can fit it into his schedule.”


The Apple boss spoke publicly about his sexuality for the first time in October, finally revealing he is “proud to be gay” after years of speculation.

Ms Todd, a Democrat in the state’s House of Representatives, said previously: “I’m calling it the Tim Cook Economic Development Act.

“If you ask people on the street, they’ll say of course you can’t get fired. They think we’re a protected class, but we’re not.

“I hear from teachers all the time who are terrified that they’ll be fired because someone will find out that they’re gay.

“It’s a question of recruiting. Workers want to know they’re coming to a place where they’re protected.”