Is investigating this gay kiss in a TV ad ‘homophobic’?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Spanish regulators have been deemed “homophobic” for investigating an advert which shows two men kissing after a complaint.

The advert, available to view below, was 32 seconds long, and was titled ‘Dare to Change’, for, a provider of on-demand internet streaming video.

Created by ad agency Commo!, a scene in which two men kissed led to one complaint from a viewer to the Spanish National Commission for Markets and Competition.

Autocontrol, the self-regulation body of Spanish advertising is investigating the video, reports the Local.

The Catalan Gay Liberation Front, which deemed the investigation “homophobic”, asked: “Can anyone imagine a complaint about a kiss between a man and a woman?”

They said the advert should be seen “by everyone”, and shouldn’t be “in the gunsights” of regulators.

The advert is available to view below