‘tryAnal essential?’ – 7 strange fails to celebrate the demise of CAPTCHA

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As Google announces a simple solution to the sometimes difficult and strange CAPTCHA text boxes, to say goodbye, here are seven times the security measure has failed to convey anywhere near a normal message.

Google announced today that it would replace the CAPTCHA with “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” – a simple tick-box which users have to check to say “I am not a robot”.

The search engine giant said: “We figured it would be easier to just directly ask our users whether or not they are robots—so, we did! We’ve begun rolling out a new API that radically simplifies the reCAPTCHA experience. We’re calling it the ‘No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA’”


But as we say goodbye to CAPTCHA (soon), here are seven of our favourite times the system has been inappropriate, strange or offered deep advice.

Like this – who needs sex advice when you have CAPTCHA? Essential, eh.


Or this one – what are you trying to say?


Okay – this is just getting petty


Well glad you are at least honest about it!


I’ve never heard this about San Diego…




Okay – we can’t win


Goodbye CAPTCHA! So long.