Someone actually asked Harry Styles about hoax claims he had sex with Obama

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Harry Styles has responded to the hoax claim that he is in a secret relationship with US President Barack Obama.

Supermarket tabloid The National Examiner claimed recently that the 53-year-old President’s marriage to Michelle is a sham, and that he is having an affair with a man.

The magazine’s cover reads: “Obama Hid Gay Life Style To Be President!”, “Marriage to Michelle IS A SHAM!” and “He had sex with THIS MAN” –  with an arrow pointing to a picture of  an unidentified man.

Several photoshopped images circulating across the internet featured One Direction star Harry Styles in his place – but the One Direction star was not present in the actual edition.

Incredibly, a journalist actually asked One Direction about the rumour at the BBC Music Awards.

Harry Styles said: “I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.”

After it was explained to him, he said: “I heard some good ones in my time. That’s interesting.

“Were you asking me to confirm, or deny? I feel like [bandmate] Niall would be a bit jealous, though, he loves Obama.”

Fellow singer Liam Payne added: “Wow, it’s all getting a bit political!”

Bandmate Louis Tomlinson asked : “So, does that give you some power in the White House then?”

Styles responded: “Yeah, maybe.”