Evangelical Alliance: Evangelicals are not ‘homophobic, judgmental women-haters’

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Evangelical Christians have been caricatured into appearing as homophobic, a director of Evangelical Alliance has claimed.

The organisation’s Communications Director Chine Mbubaegbu told Christian Today: “I do get frustrated by the caricatures of evangelicals in society as homophobic, judgmental women-haters and that evangelicalism is synonymous with televangelism. That’s simply not what evangelicalism is supposed to be about.

“When the word evangelical is used in any other context, it simply means someone who is passionate about a certain thing and is keen that everyone knows about it.

“That’s what I want evangelicals to be known for: being passionate followers of Christ, keen on seeing his good news impact every area of society – with our hearts turned towards those facing injustice or who are forgotten and excluded.”

Evangelical Alliance has a history of making anti-gay remarks.

The group’s head of public affairs, Don Horrocks, claimed in 2012 that equal marriage could lead to people “wanting to marry their horse”.

In June 2013, General Director Steve Clifford stated it was “dangerous” to suggest the Bible could be inclusive of gay people.

In March this year, the leader of Northern Ireland’s Evangelical Alliance, Peter Lynas, claimed that being attracted to the same-sex is a choice.

Mr Lynas appeared on the Nolan Show on BBC Radio Ulster alongside PinkNews and Out4Marriage founder Benjamin Cohen, and claimed during the debate, which was primarily around Northern Ireland’s lack of same-sex marriage, that many gay people would admit that they chose to have same-sex attractions.