Inventor creates a sex toy that works as an artificial inseminator

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‘Semenette’ is a new sex toy that can help couples conceive through artificial insemination.

Stephanie Berman created the toy because she wanted to have a baby with her partner but was not convinced by the more traditional methods of conception some lesbian couples use.

Berman told Refinery29: “When my wife and I wanted to start a family, we thought about our options and weren’t necessarily happy with any of them. I started thinking, what if I could recreate the technology that a turkey baster would provide, but in the form of a sex toy?”

The toy, which is an ejaculating dildo attached to a pump, can be used with a harness both for trying to conceive and for pleasure.

Berman said she wanted to create the toy to make the process of conceiving have more “privacy and authenticity and intimacy” for gay couples.

She said: “I’ve seen a lot of couples go through months and months of trying and being unsuccessful. [I’ve seen] the emotional toll it can take on people, not to mention the financial burden.”

The product has been successful, Berman and her wife have a one year old daughter.

The product is on sale for $139.99 (£92) and can be used for pleasure. Berman says all kinds of people have bought the toy.

Berman said: “There are so many communities that the toy is applicable for and beneficial for. For example, the trans community has been [hugely supportive]…men with erectile dysfunction…even heterosexual couples [enjoy the sensation]. At the end of the day, this is a pleasure product; it’s a product that can provide pleasure for an individual or for a couple.