Hot Octopuss is the innovative new sex toy company making products for queer, trans and non-binary people

Hot Octopuss have a dedicated page for queer, trans and non binary customers.

Hot Octopuss is the sex toy retailer making products more accessible to LGBT+ people.

Major sex toy retailers have thousands of products available but the sections online and in-store are usually catered to a straight, cis audience and can feel inaccessible to LGBT+ customers.

They sell ranges that can be used by every body, but as an LGBT+ person it can be difficult to filter down results that are specific for you as items are put only into ‘female’ or ‘male’ sections.

Hot Octopuss is one sex toy retailer that has a dedicated section for queer, trans and non-binary people.

The website says: “Our toys are a celebration of sex in all its wonderful forms for everyone’s wonderful forms. Because sex is about people. All people.

“Instead of imitating an industry that designs sex toys for one kind of body, we’ve gone to great lengths to create sex toys that can make sex and pleasure accessible for every body.

“Whatever your gender or sexuality, our toys are for every body, including if you’re trans or non-binary and have gone through medical transition.”

The page highlights a number of toys that can work with all bodies, in particular queer, trans and non-binary people.

This includes Pulse Solo, an expandable, hands-free toy, for people with penises and longer external erectile tissue to enjoy an orgasm with or without an erection.

There’s an Essential version for £89/$99 or a Lux edition for £129/$149, which comes with a wrist strap remote and ‘turbo’ function.

Hot Octopuss says it works best with erectile flesh that is between eight and 20cm in length and eight and 12cm in circumference.

The Pulse Solo Lux and the ATOM ring are recommended for queer, trans and non binary people. (Hot Octopuss)

The Pulse Solo Lux and the ATOM ring are recommended for queer, trans and non binary people. (Hot Octopuss)

For those with dimensions outside that range are recommended to try Kurve.

This product is designed for people with vulvas/clitorises and works for the penis/erectile flesh post-metoidioplasty, as well as trans masculine people with embedded or incorporated erectile tissue post-phalloplasty.

It has a soft gel tip that provides a broad surface area and ergonomic contours for the right kind of pressure where you want it.

Another recommendation includes the Pocket Pulse, a lightweight, compact toy that turbo-charges masturbation which again works best for those with external erectile tissue that is between eight and 20cm in length.

Then there’s the ATOM cock ring, which is designed to be intense for solo play or couples. It has a large contact area and raised nub to add pressure and stimulation during penetrative sex.

Plus it also works with or without an erection and can be used hands-free and there’s an ATOM Plus which has vibrating functions designed to stimulate those with a clitoris and/or erectile tissue.

To find out more and to shop the range go to the Hot Octopuss website here.

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