Christian groups slam ‘intolerant’ teachers over calls to teach about gay relationships

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Christian anti-gay groups have complained that the National Union of Teachers is “intolerant” – for calling on the next government to make it compulsory to teach about same-sex relationships.

Over the weekend, delegates at the NUT conference in Harrogate passed a resolution calling on whoever is in government after the election to make it mandatory to create a ‘positive climate’ to discuss sexuality and gender.

It continues: “This must include a commitment to make it easier to discuss ideas about sexuality and gender so that students and teachers are more
confident to identify as LGBT and work in schools without fear of prejudice.”

However, a number of hardline Christian groups have branded the union “intolerant” over the plans.

Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute told the Telegraph the motion was an “an act of intolerance towards mainstream Christians and their beliefs”.

He claimed it “would force Christian teachers to have to choose between their faith and their job. I wonder whether Christian members of the NUT who have paid their dues can expect any help from the NUT when their jobs are on the line”.

Spokesperson Andrea Williams of Christian Concern added: “This kind of policy is dangerous for our children who are being oversexualised at a very young age.

“They are being introduced to concepts and having normalised sex relationships which robs them of their innocence and is not good for their emotional and moral wellbeing.”

The Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat parties have all pledged to introduce statutory sex and relationship education after the next election – with Nick Clegg claiming that Conservatives were “whacking” the issue.