Can you spot something unexpected on Noah’s Ark?

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Christians who oppose same-sex unions because they’re not in the Bible might need to check again.
Can you spot something unexpected on Noah’s Ark?

A Twitter user spotted an error in one Biblical storybook, which portrays the Genesis story of Noah welcoming two of every animal aboard his Ark prior to the flooding of the world.

The picture appears to include an unexpected pair of gay lions – as both are pictured with dark, bushy manes.

As any fan of Disney’s the Lion King will know, due to sexual dimorphism adult lions look incredibly different based on their gender – with female lionesses being more agile, slender, and unable to grow a mane.

Can you spot something unexpected on Noah’s Ark?

It isn’t explained how exactly the gay lions would have bred more lions – but they are far from alone in trying.

Homosexuality and same-sex pairings are incredibly common in nature, and have been observed in a growing number of species.

Last year, wildlife experts discovered for the first time that gay bears enjoy oral sex.

Researchers from the Polish Academy of Sciences Department of Wildlife Conservation recorded “the first observations of long-term, recurrent fellatio in captive brown bears kept in proper conditions”.

Meanwhile, a Kent zoo that is home to a gay penguin couple last year admitted they were better parents than some of the straight penguins.

While the straight penguins would often abandon the eggs they were charged with looking after, Jumbs and Kermit were dubbed “model parents” for their dedication to their surrogate child and eachother.