Watch: Costa Rica advert celebrating diverse families

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An advert for Pozuelo Familia cookies has caused a stir in Costa Rica.

It shows a little boy asking his father what it means to be a family and they go on to discuss some of the people they know.

They see an older couple with lots of dogs and no children, a stay at home dad and a gay couple.

A Costa Rican judge recently granted the first same-sex common law marriage in central America. The “common law marriage” – which is not the same as a legal marriage or civil partnerships – grants benefits such as inheritance and social security.



After the advert was shown on television, some people on social media called for a boycott, with one Twitter user saying “I don’t watch Telenoticias because it goes against the natural family and my morality”.

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Others expressed their support with the “#ArriabaPozeulo” (Up with Pozeulo) hashtag.

On YouTube, people were broadly positive.

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“Excellent! It is the reality of our actual society. Tolerance and rights for all for to be happy. Well done Pozuelo and thank you!”

Watch the video below: