Baseball umpire Dale Scott: It’s been business as usual since coming out

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Out Major League Baseball umpire Dale Scott says he has encountered no homophobia since coming out publicly.

In December, Mr Scott spoke to Outsports about his sexuality, doing so for the first time publicly. In doing so, he became the first out gay umpire in the sport’s history.

He said his colleagues had always known, and it hadn’t been an issue.

Umpire Dave Pallone was outed in 1988, after he had resigned, and when Mr Scott spoke out he said: “He’s going to find out how much hate there really is out there.”

However, Mr Scott told Outsports this week: “The reaction has been business as usual.

“Since spring training I’ve had two players and one base coach congratulate me for being honest about who I am, but that’s been it.

“The lack of reaction says a lot to me, that we’re getting closer and closer to an announcement like this being no news as all, the way it should be.”

He spoke about contacted by a closeted 17-year-old who wanted to be an umpire, and said he took the teenager to lunch and gave him advice.

He also said: “I don’t have to hide who I am and that’s a very liberating feeling.”

In April, the girlfriend of a California baseball player offered to buy tickets to an LGBT Pride game from season ticket holders who objected to it, and donate them to local LGBT youth organisations.