Trans swimmer joins Harvard men’s team

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Trans man Schulyer Bailar has been welcomed onto the men’s swimming team at Harvard University.

A talented swimmer from a young age, Mr Bailar was part of a record-breaking relay team for girls aged 15-18.

He was offered a place at the prestigious Massachusetts university, in part due to his sporting success, with an invitation to join the women’s swimming team.

After transitioning, he was worried that he would no longer be allowed to compete, and would not be welcome on the men’s team.

But he was. In a Facebook post announcing his transition, he said: “I will be swimming for Harvard men’s swim team in the fall instead of the women’s team.

“Harvard swimming as a whole has been incredible in this process, providing me with the amazing opportunity to be me and continue my transition.”

Harvard men’s coach Kevin Tyrell told Swimming World: “I want Schuyler on my team for the same reasons I want all of my athletes. I believe he wants to push himself academically and athletically.

“When all of our swimmers and divers have this mindset everyone improves daily in every aspect of their lives. This process will contribute to them being outstanding members of society.”

Mr Bailar said that while he may not achieve the same scores in competitions as he did on the women’s team – “I want to do the best that I can and be a good team mate. But, sure, I’m competitive as hell and I want to do some winning and beating too.”

Trans duathlon runner Chris Mosier recently became the first trans man to join Team USA.