Watch: Kids explain gay marriage to Jimmy Kimmel

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US television host Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to ask kids what they think “gay marriage” is.

Following the US Supreme Court’s ruling last week that all couples have a constitutional right to marriage, Jimmy Kimmel conducted some research into younger people’s attitudes to same-sex marriage.


The results of the video are sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but mainly just dispel the excuse “how do I explain same-sex marriage to my kids”, as a reason for opposing marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples.


One respondent was asked why two people would get married, and he said: “They love each other and just feel a connection”… When asked if it is a good thing that same-sex couples could marry, he just said: “Yeah”.


Another just said: “I know nothing about that yet”, and a third, when asked when two people should get married, just replied “In the afternoon.”

Sound advice.