US: Mexico fans allowed to chant gay slur

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Mexico fans were permitted to chant “iPuto!” while watching their national team play in Chicago last night.

Fans of the Mexican football team once again caused offence during the the Gold Cup game in Chicago last night.

Throughout last summer’s World Cup, supporters filled stadiums with chants of “iPuto!”during their team’s matches, most of which were broadcast worldwide.

“Puto” is a word for “male prostitute” that is often used as a gay slur in Mexico.

FIFA have echoed statements they made last year, by saying they will do nothing about the chants. Football’s chief governing body continues to claim the chants are “not considered insulting”, and have confirmed they will take no further action.

Many Mexico fans are upset that other countries claim the word is a gay slur; they say it is just another word, claiming cultural ignorance.

Mexico coach Miguel Herrera has previously defended supporters, saying the use of the word is “not that bad.”

“We’re with our fans. It’s something they do to pressure the opposing goalkeeper,” he claimed.

Last month, a court ruled Mexico’s bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional, effectively legalising it throughout the country.