In one sentence, Sir Ian McKellen changes the whole premise of Vicious

Sir Ian McKellen

The legendary actor recently took questions from users in an online chat – wowing fans with witty one-liners, favourite recipes and legendary anecdotes.

Sir Ian McKellen took to Reddit last week to chat with fans, about subjects ranging from his lengthy career, relationship with Patrick Stewart and favourite home recipes.

However, his best answer came when he was asked about his role on the television show Vicious, in which he and Derek Jacobi play a warring gay couple who have been together for decades.

Asked why he thinks the couple are so nasty, he replied: “Perhaps they liked being vicious to each other because the world has been vicious to them.”

Later, when discussing how his relationship with Stewart had impacted has impacted his life, McKellen revealed he had once advised his fellow X-Men actor “not to do Star Trek”.

And if you are planning to take on holiday with you, try South America.

“I would like to visit South America. Particularly Easter Island. I would like to explore the Far East. And I would like to go to Yellowstone Park,” he told one fan.

He also revealed he couldn’t resist swiping a small souvenir from his time on set of The Hobbit, sneakily pinching a few pennies that were used as props in the epic adventure fantasy films.

Asked about his favourite set from the films, he revealed: “And I think my favourite set, that I didn’t act in, was the golden Lair, where the dragon was hiding.

“Hundreds of thousands of golden coins, specially made. And if you don’t tell anyone, I can tell you that I have some of those coins.”

Sir Ian took part in the chat to promote his new film, Mr Holmes, in the USA – where he made headlines again last week after covering Taylor Swift’s most recent hit, Bad Blood, albeit with a sombre, Shakespearean twist.

The actor recited a number of songs in his best theatrical monologue voice, including Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk.

In a separate interview, his X-Men colleague and partner in crime Patrick Stewart took up the challenge – reciting another popular Taylor Swift song, Blank Space.

The clips spread so fast that T-Swizzle herself weighed in, writing: “Thanks for reciting my lyrics, @IanMcKellen and @SirPatStew!

“You’ve made my day. You two are ULTIMATE Squad Goals.”

It was recently announced that the actor will be leading the parade at this year’s Manchester Pride celebrations.