Kanye West’s response to meeting Caitlyn Jenner may surprise you

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Rap star Kanye West gave an unexpected response when he met Caitlyn Jenner for the first time on her new TV series.


‘I am Cait’, which has found widespread praise for focussing on anti-trans violence, as opposed to just Jenner’s personal life, premiered on E! last night.

On the show, Kanye praised Jenner for being true to herself.

He said: “You couldn’t have been up against more,” the 38-year-old said. “Like, your daughter is a supermodel, you’re a celebrity, you have every type of thing, and it was still like, ‘f*** everybody, this is who I am.’”

“Kanye and I have never really been very close, but I love his open-mindedness,” Jenner said. “I love how he’s helped Kim come to grips with what’s going on.”

Jenner was praised when the series premiered on Sunday on E!, because she took the time to highlight violence against transgender women.


While many expected the show to be all about Jenner’s personal, and not unimportant journey, she was heavily praised by many for drawing attention to eleven trans women who have been murdered in the US alone in 2015.

Watch the exchange between Kanye and Caitlyn below

“I feel bad that these, especially young people, are going through such a difficult time in their life,” said Jenner in the opening scenes.

“We don’t want people dying over this. We don’t want people murdered over this stuff.”


Trans journalist Janet Mock tweeted her praise for Jenner, and a list of the names of the eleven murdered women.