Will and Grace star Leslie Jordan took down these homophobes in the best way (VIDEO)

Will and Grace star Leslie Jordan has been celebrated after he took on three guys who were using anti-gay slurs in a branch of Starbucks.

The star, who many have noted is only 4’11”, took on the three men, who entered the West Hollywood Starbucks, shouted “faggots” at a number of people and threatened the manager.

Telling the men to “get out of my house”, Jordan then followed the men outside.

When one of them went for him, he threw his drink, spectacularly hitting is target.

According to reports, Jordan is a regular in that particular Starbucks branch, which is nicknamed ‘Gaybucks’ or ‘Big Gay Starbucks’, by regulars.

Video footage shot on a mobile phone by a passer-by, and uploaded by TMZ, shows some of the exchange.

Watch the exchange below