These brave people marched in Pride Uganda despite fear of violence

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A small but visible group of people have taken to the streets of Uganda to celebrate Pride.

This year’s event has special significance – it has been a year since the controversial anti-gay law was scrapped – giving marchers even more reason to celebrate.

Photos have been uploaded by organisers of Pride of the parade in Entebbe, showing dozens in bright colours with beaming smiles, celebrating.

The pictures show the last leg of the parade in Entebbe, which is the culmination of celebrations throughout Saturday.


Other events included fashion shows and film screenings.


The event went ahead despite threats of violence, and organisers feared backlash. There did not appear to be any violent incident at time of publishing.


The organisers noted the stabbing at Jerusalem Pride which left one dead and five wounded, in saying they wanted to be prepared for any wrongdoing.


For security reasons, the location of this year’s parade was kept secret, a stark reminder that although the anti-homosexuality bill may have been defeated, tensions remain.


Last month, a Ugandan presidential candidate made history – by affirming that he opposes homophobia.

With the 2016 election approaching, former prime minister Amama Mbazazi stated that he opposes homophobia – making him one of the only Ugandan politicians to ever do so.