What if the Friends characters were gay?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

With Comedy Central’s Friends exhibition bringing Central Perk and Monica’s apartment to London, PinkNews wondered what it would it be like if our favourite friends were queer.

Joey Tribbiani

Joey would be the kind of guy that was always on Grindr – always trying to seduce guys using his iconic catch phrase “How you doin’?”. This was until bromance turned to romance from across the hall – more on that later.


Being raised in a family with seven sisters, Joey has been bound to pick up a few tips of how to get the guys and even a few secret Tribbiani fashion tips.

After his advert for Ichiban: Lipstick for men, Joey kept himself looking pretty for auditions using any product Rachel would get him from Bloomingdales or Ralph Lauren.



Chandler Bing

Chandler obviously didn’t get married to Monica – instead, she becomes the first person he comes out to when she finds him having a luxurious bubble bath.


Although he dated many women, they were all secret beards as he was still in the closet.


However his bromance with Joey turned out to be more than just friendship. They get together, but after a while their relationship becomes strained due to lack of diversity in the bedroom – something Joey is not used to.


They end up sorting out their troubles and have a long happy partnership and even end up adopting a child – which they accidentally leave on the bus one time.


Rachel Green

Why did Rachel really leave Barry at the altar? Because she’s a lesbian. Rachel had her first gay experience in college when she kissed her friend Melissa, played on the show by Winona Ryder, after drinking a little bit too much sangria. Little did Rachel know that this was the start of her sexual awakening.

This didn’t stop her getting drunk and marrying Ross in Vegas, even giving birth to his daughter – Emma.

Running into Melissa years later, The one with Rachel’s big kiss, meant that her feelings came flooding back…


Sadly Rachel’s relationship with Melissa didn’t last as long as she’d like. Instead she focused on her career – working her way through the ranks she ends up being the first lesbian executive of Ralph Lauren. A strong independent woman, Rachel found love eventually but her one true love would always be her cat – Mrs. Whiskerson.


Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe’s always been a free spirit – not letting anything define her. Although she dabbles with whoever she fancies, Phoebe doesn’t like to limit herself with labels and has the same response to anybody that tries to force them on her.


She understands that attraction is fluid – guy, girl, cat that might be the reincarnation of your dead mother, there’s enough love to go around.


And of course – you can’t be as confident as Phoebe without having some killer lines in your arsenal.


Ross Geller

There were many rumours surrounding Ross’ sexuality – from some seemingly regular to the incredibly bizarre.


And it definitely didn’t help that he had a small fling with Joey before he got with Chandler.


So after three failed marriages, and many failed relationships…On a lonely night in Central Perk, Ross turned to the only man more desperate then him – Gunther.

Although it seemed that Gunther had always shown feelings for Rachel, we all really knew how he saw Ross…


And finally – last but certainly not least…

Monica Geller

Monica’s a traditional girl and has always wanted to get married, ever since she was a little girl – she’s not ashamed of it.


But like Rachel, Monica is driven by her career. An open bisexual, Monica’s relationships rarely resulted in more than sex.


However if she stays single much longer – we don’t know what could happen…

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Disclaimer: This is a complete work of satire.