Pair Eyewear release Friends-inspired collection to celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary

Pair Eyewear release Friends-inspired collection to celebrate the show's 30th anniversary

Pair Eyewear have released a collection of Friends frames to celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary – and this is how to get them.

The brand has teamed up with the hit series to release a range inspired by Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe and the many moments from its decade-long run.

The Pair Eyewear x Friends collection is now available to shop exclusively at

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So what’s available in the Pair Eyewear x Friends collection? Well, there are 12 styles to choose from that are inspired by iconic motifs from the series.

The range features glasses toppers inspired by iconic moments from the series. (Pair Eyewear)

This includes ‘The One With the Icons’, which are embellished with cartoon designs of the Central Perk logo, the fountain, a lobster, the coffee house couch and so many more recognisable moments.

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There is also a frame featuring the New York skyline alongside the show’s logo, as well as a purple pair with the yellow frame from Monica and Rachel’s apartment.

Other styles nod to the likes of “Pivot”, Phoebe’s songs and the gang’s pets like chick, duck and Marcel the monkey.

Plus you can also get ‘The One With the Crew’, which are plain black, alongside the Friends logo and the six characters.

You can also choose from some food-inspired moments, including the frame ‘The One With the Trifle’, referencing Rachel’s attempt at making an English trifle… with beef and peas.

Plus you can also get ‘The One With the Joey Special’, which features a pizza design across the frame.

The brand has previously released collections inspired by Star Wars, Marvel characters, Van Gogh’s art and Frida Kahlo to name a few.

Each pair of Friends‘ frames are priced from $30 and you can find out what the reviews have to say below.

What do the reviews say?

Fans of Friends and customers of Pair Eyewear have given the collection five-star reviews across the board.

One wrote: “The clarity is really good and the color is bright. A must for any Friends fan.”

Another said: “I love this topper! It is so sleek & stylish!”

A customer who ordered ‘The One With the Crew’ commented: “I was worried how the faces would turn out, being so small but they are perfect!”.

While somebody else channeled Chandler Bing, writing: “Could These BE Any More Amazing?!”.

You can shop the Pair Eyewear x Friends collab and more at