Patrick Stewart: ‘I wish politicians watched more Star Trek’

The Star Trek and X Men legend recently applauded the UK for its stance on same-sex marriage – but says he wishes politicians “believed first and foremost in negotiation.”

Discussing his upcoming film Blunt Talk, Patrick Stewart shared his views on the current state of LGBT rights in the country.

On the subject of same-sex marriage, Stewart stated: “There are places where we are taking one step forward, although at other times we are taking two paces back, and gay marriage and the legalising of gay marriage and, not only that, but the endorsement that even our Prime Minister [David Cameron] has given to it, is fantastic.

“In that respect, the world is becoming increasingly a more fair, a more truly democratic place to live – and I’m proud to have campaigned on with Ian [McKellen] those issues,” he added.

Sir Patrick also spoke about which of his past characters would be the best role model for today’s youth.

“I wish that politicians would spend more time watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, because unlike my predecessor – Captain James T Kirk – Jean-Luc Picard believed first and foremost in negotiation,” said Stewart.

“He was diplomat before he was a warrior.

“Talk, talk, talk, and keep on talking – and I think that would be a great message for the world to absorb.”

The has a long history of supporting LGBT rights – enjoying a much-loved ‘bromance’ with fellow actor Sir Ian McKellen – with posing in a series of couple photos, that were actually the idea of Sir Patrick’s wife.