Watch: Australian TV ad suggests equal marriage will lead to more rapists and drug users

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A new TV ad in Australia claims that allowing same-sex marriage will lead to an increase in drug addicts, rapists and suicidal teens.

The ad by the country’s ‘Marriage Alliance’ – which is influential in attempting to stall plans for same-sex marriage in the country – targets same-sex families without a father figure.

Ahead of Father’s Day, which is celebrated in Australia on the first Sunday of September, the group released its ad ‘Fathers Day Always for Everyone’

Incredibly, the ad seeks to link equal marriage to the numbers of children in chemical abuse centres, children in prison, teens who attempt suicide, and even rapists, suggesting that without a father figure, children raised by lesbians are more likely to become these things.

Citing statistics about fatherless children, the ad claims: “Australia is facing same-sex marriage which rejects the necessity of fathers. Some children will never celebrate Father’s Day”.

Australian Marriage Equality campaigner Rodney Croome said: “This ad seeks to hijack Fathers Day by importing the most extreme elements from the American anti-equality campaign into the Australian debate.

“The Marriage Alliance is drawing the longest bow possible, trying and failing to link kids raised in disadvantaged homes in America with loving, committed same-sex couples marrying in Australia.

“This video shows how threadbare the case against marriage equality is, and if anything will encourage even more Australians to support the reform.

“Australians know that a loving and stable home is what is most important for kids. Studies show children raised by same-sex couples fair just as well as other children.”