Coronation Street newcomer discusses lesbian storyline

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Soap newbie Faye Brooks has discussed her upcoming same-sex storyline.

The storyline will see Brooks’ character Kate Connor getting engaged to her girlfriend, Caz (Rhea Bailey).

Coronation Street newcomer discusses lesbian storyline

Brooks – who will play Shayne Ward’s sister in the long-running soap – says she is excited to see how fans will react to the story, but said that she didn’t want to “pigeonhole” her character, reports Digital Spy.

“It’s a challenge. I didn’t want to pigeonhole her into playing a stereotype,” the actress said of playing out a lesbian relationship.

Brooks’s co-star Richard Hawley – who will play her father – added: “You’re not on this big coming out story because it’s already happened.”

Kate and her father will join Shayne Ward’s character Aidan on screen later this month.

Coronation Street’s said in a statement: “Kate is a funny and vibrant young woman full of fun and mischief.

“But behind the teasing and laughter, Kate is passionate about her family – there is nothing she wouldn’t do for them”

Caz is a soldier and will arrive to celebrate Kate’s birthday with her in November – using the opportunity to set a date for their impending wedding.

Coronation Street newcomer discusses lesbian storyline

Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding recently revealed that she was originally meant to play a lesbian character during her stint on Coronation Street.

The singer – who has branched out into acting as well as pursuing a solo career following her band’s split in 2013 – appeared on the soap last month.

Explaining that her character could have been part of a love triangle with Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) and Maddie Heath (Amy Kelly), she said: “We just threw a load of ideas out there.

“At one point I was going to possibly come between the lesbian girls but it didn’t happen.”

The soap currently features a number of LGB characters – with actor Daniel Brocklebank revealing that he has had death threats for playing gay vicar Billy.

Long-running transgender character Hayley Cropper was killed off in an emotional episode last year.