Did this school really refuse to educate a boy for being gay?

Police in Italy are investigating reports that a school has refused to educate a boy who came out as gay.

It was alleged that a 16-year-old was banned from the classroom at his Catholic school in Monza after he was outed as gay.

This came to light after an email sent by the boy’s father to the school principal.

The email said the boy was outed when a photo of him with another boy was posted on a social networking site.

LGBT rights group Arcigay has called for the ministry of education to intervene in the case.

“There is no catechism in Italy that is more valid than our constitutional charter,” a statement from Arcigay said.

The group also called for discrimination protections to be brought in to protect LGBT people.

It called on the Italian Senate to debate a proposed amendment to anti-discrimination laws which would protect LGBT people.

Arcigay said the Senate should be “eliminating the shortcuts and ambiguous formulas that make discrimination and violence possible and even justifiable in our country”.