Teachers accused of ‘rigging’ vote in favour of trans homecoming queen

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A school’s public vote for homecoming queen has attracted controversy, after claims it was rigged in favour of a transgender student.

A transgender teen was crowned homecoming queen at Trenton Central High School in New Jersey on Saturday.

However, the Trentonian reports that school sources claim the election was in fact rigged.

The newspaper reports on claims that students were allowed to stuff the ballot box in order to “make history” – while others claim it was a “practical joke”.

One parent told the newspaper: “No one at the school dislikes the [transgender teen], but this teacher had an ulterior motive.

“Students who were actually involved in the homecoming process said the teacher said she didn’t care if she lost her job, and that she wanted to make history.

“The teacher did not get permission from any administrator to do this.”

An activist claimed: “If someone tainted the voting process, then we should have a problem with that. We should now use this situation as an opportunity to educate others. Respect should be like love: unconditional even in disagreements.”
Teachers accused of ‘rigging’ vote in favour of trans homecoming queen

A separate school in California recently gave a pathetic excuse after a male student was banned from bringing a boy to his homecoming dance.

The school claimed that boys from outside schools were banned for ‘safety’ reasons – as the school policy states “students may attend the dance by themselves, with other CBHS students, or with a girl from another school”.