Trans columnist Jack Monroe wins Woman of the Future Award

Portrait of American actress Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962) as she poses on the patio outside of her home, Hollywood, California, May 1953.

Guardian columnist and food blogger Jack Monroe has been honoured with a ‘Woman of the Future’ award.

Monroe, who blogs for various publication including the Guardian, revealed their decision to come out as nonbinary transgender on Twitter earlier this month.

On coming out as transgender, they wrote: “Yes I am transgender. Not all trans people transition from one binary gender to another.”

Now Monroe has been given a Woman of the Future award for their work in the media.

They received the honour at a ceremony in London on Tuesday.

Writing on their Instagram account, Monroe said: “Seeing I came out as transgender last week I’m kind of surprised to be awarded a Woman Of The Future – as I’m not sure I’ll even BE a woman in the future… But I am here with the platform I have because I stand on the shoulders of giantesses, the women who have gone before me, who have broken down the barriers and changed the rules and won the votes and allowed me to be exactly who I am.

“In accepting this award I pay tribute to the pioneers and the bra burners and all of us here who share a common purpose, for an equal society, where we can all be exactly who we are and make the world a safer, more inclusive place to be.

“And I stand by that even full of testosterone and if I’m rocking a beard in a year’s time, thank you to all 600 of you here who fight for equality and women’s rights, every single day, thank you.”


Responding to questions of why they were shortlisted for the award, Monroe wrote on Twitter: “Brouhaha about me still being on the shortlist after coming out as trans – as non binary I am as female as I am not.”