Ian Thorpe: Dating has been a nightmare since I came out as gay

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Australian Olympian Ian Thorpe has said he has had a “nightmare” dating since coming out last year.

Thorpe came out in an interview with Michael Parkinson, publicly revealing his sexual orientation for the first time.

Now, a year on, he reflects on entering the world of dating, which he says is a new experience.

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He says he has struggled to find “normal people” in the dating scene, and that he has avoided using dating apps.

Speaking to Sunday Style, he said: “Dating’s been a lot harder than I thought it would be.

“It’s an absolute mess out there! I’m like, ‘Where are all the normal people?’ I’ve never really dated, so I’ve come in being almost completely blindsided by this.

“I think if someone puts an effort into a date, then full points – it’s not like I’m a hard marker. But there are some nut cases. It’s just a bit weird.”

He added: “But that’s the dating scene – I say it and I laugh and I’ve got a smile on my face, so it’s not that bad.”

Of avoiding dating apps, he added: “I’ve mostly met great guys but, occasionally, I’ve met a couple of douche-y guys as well.

“It’s enough motivation for me to want to settle down with someone away from that scene.”

Despite all of this, Thorpe says he has “had a really great year”.