Judge allegedly offered to lower men’s jail sentences in exchange for sex

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A judge has been accused of offering to lower sentences for criminals in exchange for sex.

Joseph Boeckmann, who has served as a district judge in Cross County Arkansas for six years, is accused of taking advantage of young male defendants.

The judge is facing a disciplinary hearing over claims that he gave preferential treatment, including greatly reduced sentences, to men who performed sexual favours and helped him with ‘personal work’.

Boeckmann has 30 days to the ethics complaint, filed by the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission.

According to Arkansas Online, he told offenders to contact him at his office or home to complete “community sentences” such as picking up litter.

The commission’s report claims: Upon the litigant presenting himself to Boeckmann’s home or office, he then solicited sexual relations with these young men in exchange for reductions of or dismissals of their court fines and costs.”

It also alleged that the judge used his authority to seek “out young Caucasian male litigants,” for the purpose of sexual relationships.
Judge allegedly offered to lower men’s jail sentences in exchange for sex
The report continues: “Beoeckmann has engaged in a consistent pattern of seeking out young Caucasian male litigants… for the purpose of forming personal, sexual relations with the litigants, thus creating a self-imposed conflict of interest for himself.”

A number of other allegations were made about the judge’s conduct.