Homophobic father regrets attacking his black belt lesbian daughter

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The father seemingly forgot his daughter could defend herself as he launched the attack.

A woman has told how her father tried to physically assault her after they argued over her sexuality.

The 26-year-old medical student explained that her relationship with her religious parents deteriorated rapidly after she came out a few years ago.

Homophobic father regrets attacking his black belt lesbian daughter

Due to crippling university fees, she says she has been forced to rely on her conservative family to support her financially throughout her studies – even though they constantly criticise her for “choosing the gay lifestyle.”

The trainee doctor says they have never accepted their daughter for who she is and have regularly pressured her to marry a man “of the same faith.”

However, she says the tension proved too much for her father last week, after he “exploded” – hurling homophobic abuse at his daughter, before attempting to physically assault her.

“Last week, when I was home and helping my father out with some work he blew up randomly,” she wrote on Reddit.

“He yelled insanely loud at me for ‘not thinking’ and ‘choosing the gay lifestyle’ and the path I am on.

“For being a ‘burden’, told me I am ‘disrespecting’ him, that I ‘must do what [he] says’ because I am his daughter.

“He then proceeded to grab me and try to hit me,” she added.

“I am a black belt, so I blocked the pretty hard smack and at that point I think he realised how much he had lost it.

“He has raised his voice to me before about the subject, but has never attempted to hit me.”

Following the incident, she says she tried to explain her sexuality to her father, but he refused to listen.

He told her that she is wrong and “biologically a female” so he doesn’t understand why she has “chosen this way of life”.

She says that if she had her choice, she would not see her parents again – but know it would be impossible to cover her study costs without their support.

Homophobic father regrets attacking his black belt lesbian daughter

“I want to cut him out of my life as soon as possible. The only problem is that he pays for everything. He’s paying for my rent, my schooling and tuition, my cell phone bills, anything and everything you can think of.”

“I could take out student loans and be done with him, but the thought of having hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt that lasts for life compared to putting up with him for just a couple more years until I’m making my own pay check just doesn’t sit well,” she added.

“But having him in my life right now, with him treating me the way he does, trying to halt my life and happiness also doesn’t sit well.

“My mother says she will never let him cut me off, that she doesn’t accept me for who I am but will never fight me about it, and that she is sorry for what happened.”

Many fellow Reddit users urged the woman to seek financial advice, with other saying she should not allow her parents to blackmail her into retaining contact with them.

However, many other users supported her decision, saying that it was worth the abuse in order to fulfil her dreams and save the lives of many.