Hair gel ad gets record complaints for ‘homosexual agenda’

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An ad for a Lynx hair product is one of the most-complained about this year – because it features a gay kiss.

The Australian advert for Lynx Hair products which came out in January this year, encourages people to “experiment” with their hair.

Featuring a guy snogging a woman and man in quick succession, it says: “Make the most of it, because now can be amazing.

“Go out, see amazing things, get an amazing job, kiss the hottest girl… or the hottest boy!

“Experiment with your hair, and learn from your mistakes.”

However the kisses did not go down well with everyone – and IBTimes reports it is one of the most complained about of the year.

The  Australian Advertising Standards Bureau recorded 62 complaints, with one person claiming it is the “gay agenda forced into the home through ads”.

Another complainant said: “Being confronted by a hair product ad that had a male character kiss another male character – I nearly fell off the lounge! Yes, Australia is a free country, but this ad seems to me to show the gay minority dictating terms to the (normal) majority!!”

All the complaints about the ad were unsurprisingly dismissed.

Overall, the ad ranked 7th on the list of most-complained about.

Ads watchdog chief executive Fiona Jolly said: “What we can see from the list is that complainants are particularly concerned with seeing behaviour in advertisements that they view as inappropriate.

“When the Board considers an advertisement, they can only consider the content of the advertisement, under the specific sections of the Code of Ethics.
Hair gel ad gets record complaints for ‘homosexual agenda’
“While some people may not like to see ‘bad behaviour’ in advertising, the content of many of these advertisements did not breach the code.”