Katie Hopkins’ TV chat show cancelled due to poor ratings

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Despite finding a fan in Donald Trump, Katie Hopkins’ TV chat show has been cancelled.

Hopkins, known for making controversial comments, was billed as “Britain’s most hated woman” for her TLC show.

Despite having a large social media following, which includes 600,000 Twitter followers, just 69,000 tuned in for the debut episode of the show.

The show, ‘If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World’, featured the “professional provocateur”, and a range of guests.

In one episode she referred to an audience member as a “raging angry fat person in a pink dress”, and calling columnist Liz Jones she looked “a bit weird”.

Despite Hopkins having defended the show, Discovery owned TLC has axed the show.

The network gave no comment of the cancellation.

She was given her own show after her documentary on TLC ‘My Fat Story’ did well with viewers, and a follow up will air in January. She recently signed a column deal with the Daily Mail.

Last week, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said of Hopkins: “The politicians of the UK should watch Katie Hopkins … many people in the UK agree with me.”

Hopkins has recently had her self styled ‘gay icon’ status revoked after claiming that ‘100%’ of British Muslims want homosexuality banned.

Trump has been roundly criticised by almost everyone for his plans for Muslims, including David Cameron.